About Me

This site is the work of Joni M. Becker, a 50+ year old CPA from South Central Minnesota.

Joni conceived this site as an answer to a mission that God put on her heart to bring people into a closer relationship to God through the use of prayer; to help people abide (remain) in God’s love and holy presence.

“In these troubled times, we need God more than ever,” Joni states.  “People are lost and drifting.  They have no anchor for their souls.  They need God, they just don’t know how to approach Him.  People are so busy, they forget that there is someone who will help them with their problems; that will be there for them, a rock to stand on or grab a hold of in times of trouble.  We just need to turn to Him and ask but it seems like people have forgotten this most important of principles.  I am here to remind them.”


“Pray without ceasing, says First Thessalonians 17.  This is God’s command to us.”